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Ząbkowska street

Lokalizacja: Warszawa, ul.Ząbkowska

Main eating and service street of Praga, on of the most famous streets on this side of the Vistula. Civilized and safe enough, it is often called Praga's Nowy Świat. The west part of Ząbkowska is built over with renovated houses from the beginning of 20th century, where such popular pubs as „W oparach absurdu” and „Łysy pingwin” are located.

Tram rails have been left on Ząbkowska's roadway: tramway line functioned here from 1919-1968. At the beginning of 20th century, the street was inhabited mainly by Jewish population.

Ząbkowska street holiday at the beginning of September started being organized a few years ago. There are presentations of local galleries, Praga artists and non-governmental organizations, exhibitions, happenings, film screenings and contests for children take place and a stage put up near the crossing with Brzeska street hosts concerts.


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