During the last decade coupe of modern and impressive museums were opened to the public. The most interesting are listed below.

Chopin Museum

Lokalizacja: Warszawa, ul.Okólnik 1

Another museum based on interaction. Traditional exhibits were skilfully combined with modern solutions, based on interaction with the audience and immediate reactions to individual needs of the guests. Music, scents and light are only some of the special effects which wait to stimulate the visitors' senses

Innovative approach to the subject-matter of one of the greatest Polish composers' life and work win the acclaim of classical music lovers, historians as well as artists. The museum's idea is first of all individual touring and experiencing Chopin, adjusted to the visitors' age and preferences. Your own visiting route can be defined with the use of a special ticket using the RFID technology. Your preferences will be saved on a plastic proximity card. According to your visiting profile, it will allow to explore the Museum's audio-visual level which includes 4 levels of narration: basic, advanced, for children and for the visually-impaired. Every profile will finally be accessible in 8 languages. The exposition has been located on the 4 floors of the Ostrogski Palace, including the basement. You will find a set of various profiled information about Chopin’s life and work on each storey, e.g.: the Warsaw years or his work in Paris. Specific audio-visual elements of the exposition were designed in such a way, so that everyone can find something for themselves: school trips, artists, students seeking broader knowledge, as well as people interested in the Chopin times. Artistic and educational events are also organized here, e.g. concerts by renowned pianists or lectures given by experts on the composer's work.

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