Warsaw is a city of churches. Especially during your walk around the Old Town you can spot many magnificent, historic temples.

St. Anne’s church

Lokalizacja: Warszawa, ul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 68

Built in 1454, it is one of Warsaw’s most beautiful churches.

Due to its frequent reconstruction works it now represents a mixture of various architectural styles: the presbytery is gothic, the façade (unchanged since 1788) is baroque-classicistic and the belfry is renaissance-style. The vault is covered in impressive mural paintings. There are several dazzling baroque chapels inside the church.

During WWII the church was severely damaged, however the walls and the belfry survived. The reconstruction took an exceptionally long time – over 14 years (1948-1962).

There are three major colleges near the church: Warsaw University, Academy of Fine Arts and Musical Academy. Therefore the church serves traditionally as the academic chapel. There is a viewing terrace on the top floor of the church, which gives a perfect view over the Old Town.

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