Pabst Plan

The Nazis’ plan of destroying Warsaw and building a provincial German town in its place that would serve as a railway junction.

The plan assumed the demolition of 95% of the city’s buildings, leaving only Krakowskie Przedmieście and the Belvedere, which would be the seat of German officials. A sports-performance hall was to be built in the place of the Royal Castle and an enormous monument of Germania was to be raised on the Castle Square.

Warsaw’s population (1,300,000 people) were to be gradually transported to various concentration camps or murdered on site in KL Warschau, built in 1943. Pabst’s Plan was part of the so called General Eastern Plan which consisted in exterminating the Slavic nations in Eastern Europe with the assumption that Germany would win WWII and rule the whole Europe, form Portugal through the Ural.


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