Welcome to weekendinwarsaw.com

Welcome to WeekendInWarsaw.com, a virtual tour guide around Warsaw.

Do you enjoy surprises? If so, come to Warsaw, a town that will provide you with many.

Warsaw used to be completely destroyed and dead, today it is vibrant with activity, combining the charm of the antique Old Town with the gleam of the modern steel and glass constructions as well as the stone touch of socrealistic style. It is one of the greenest cities in Europe and it offers you the possibility to taste cuisines from all over the world, have fun in modern night clubs and go shopping in large shopping centres.

Our website will provide you with plenty of information on our city concerning monuments, parks museums as well as entertainment. It also offers a completely new tool at your disposal: you can create your own personal tour around Warsaw or choose one of the routes offered (e.g. around the former ghetto area or the socrealistic Warsaw).

Don’t think twice! Come and discover Warsaw!

The Green Warsaw

We asked a foreign tourist who was getting ready for his first trip to Warsaw „What three words come to your mind when you think of Warsaw?” and the responded: “Sad, poor and grey.” The first two terms might...

Trips creator

Welcome to trips creator. You can create your own trip easily - just select the objects you find interesting from the list below and they will be added to your trip route. You can print the route as soon as you log in. Descriptions and pictures of the objects you can find in "Sightseeing" and "Entertainment".

Check out our free tour!

Check out our free tour "Where the ghetto used to be", one of the tours prepared by us.
You can print out our free walking guide and use it as a handheld guide with a map.
Check other walking guide trips here.


  • Pabst Plan

    The Nazis’ plan of destroying Warsaw and building a provincial German town in its place that woul...

  • Holidays

    Most significant Polish holidays are very strongly related to religious tradition. Christmas as w...

  • Polish cuisine

    Polish cuisine is mainly made of rather heavy, high calorie, but extremely tasty dishes. Due to P...

  • Famous people from Warsaw

    Warsaw has been the place of birth of many people famous for their achievements in art, science a...

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